5 Threats Kids Face That We Never Had to Worry About

I can still remember those warm summer nights racing my bike with my friends down an alleyway to the large grassy field to play football before we all had to disperse for dinner. We didn’t care about what time it was, phones, who liked our post and who wrote a comment because back then it was all face to face. If you needed to work something out you did it right there on the field. Back then our parents didn’t worry too much about how far across town you went as long as you were home for supper. 

However, there are concerns now that we never would have imagined back in our youth. Nowadays parents worry about letting their kids walk to and from school. We aren’t all aware of these things so here are 5 threats to keep your eye out for.

1. The Saturation of Technology
Many of the children that are running around in today’s world don’t know or remember a tablet-free world. Many people joke that kids are born with a tablet or phone in there hands with eyes glued to some sort of a screen. Although we see this as an opportunity for them to be tech-savvy and able to help the older generation, it can lead to a range of threats from laziness, low self-esteem, obesity, and worldview implications. 

2. Social Media: When is it right to introduce? 
Not knowing how old you were when you first got a social media account whether that was Mindspace or Facebook they were still fairly new to us. Our kids now days are being posted on Facebook and many other social platforms to announce their birth. The big question and threat is when is the right time to introduce it and allow your children to make an account?

Parents need to decide carefully, when, and how they will allow their children to participate in social media.”

3. The Unfortunate Easy Access to Pornography
Similar to most of our experiences we may have had a few inappropriate pictures hidden somewhere in our room hoping that our mom wouldn’t find them when cleaning up our rooms. But in today’s world porn is almost everywhere. Soft porn is flaunted on social media and socially accepted. Hardcore porn is even easier to access and shows up if you have the wrong word in a Google Search. The average child’s first exposure to porn happens between 8 and 11 years old. We must take this seriously and put protective measures in place. This threat hit close to home for us recently, as one of our boys picked up someone else’s device and inadvertently was exposed to pornography.

4. The Harsh Realities of Child Sex Abuse and Sex Trafficking
Stats tell us that one in five children will experience some form of sexual abuse, and in 90% of those cases, the child knows the abuser. “Stranger Danger” is no longer the greatest threat when it comes to child abuse. Parents must instruct their children that if they feel uncomfortable in a situation even if it’s with someone they know, to tell another adult what is happening. We also need to help our children know they can be open and talk to us about anything. Not sharing things with them may make them feel more closed off. This is a huge breaking point to avoid what we fear most for our children.

5. The Attitude of Entitlement
Most of us had to work hard to get what we currently have. And if we got in trouble growing up, our parents allowed us to face the consequences rather than rescuing us or blaming our authorities. We were expected to be respectful, not talk back to our elders, responsible, and dependable. However, of the great threats to kids, today is the mindset that the world owes them something. A recent survey of school counselors said “entitlement mentality” is one of the top five problems young people have today.


With these threats and many others facing our children, what are we to do as a parent? Be proactive. Talk to your kids every day personally. Find out really how they like their teachers and classes, what sports do they like to play, or find out if they like to draw. Spending time with them will help them steer clear of harm's way. Most importantly, pray for God’s guidance to wisely navigate these threats that your children are sure to face. By doing so, we know that you will Dominate