Kevin McAllister, the inventor and designer of the Dominator Hoop, has an impressive resume. McAllister is very modest about his accomplishments, but we like to brag about him a little.

Mechanical arms on garbage trucks were one of McAllister’s earlier ideas. He designed an arm that could be retrofitted onto existing trucks. One man could now do the job alone, never have to leave the vehicle, and save lots of time and gas in the process (patch.com). The savings were amplified when you considered that cities would not have to buy new trucks, just the robotic arm.

McAllister’s most recent invention is the Weigh Safe trailer hitch. The aluminum ball mount has a built-in scale that measures tongue weight. The safety feature can help drivers avoid trailer sway and prevent serious injuries or fatalities (weigh-safe.com).

Why are we telling you all this? The Dominator Hoop was built with the same care and integrity.

The Dominator’s features are deliberate and designed to amplify its value and usability. We started making hoops out of aluminum because aluminum is lighter than steel and also does not rust when left outside in the elements. The hoop also telescopes straight up and down to various heights. Competitor hoops swing out when adjusted, changing your court lines; not to mention hoop adjustments are painfully slow.

The bottom line: McAllister has proven he is capable of building intelligent, safe, and innovative products. We know the Dominator is a winner. You can tell just by looking at it (see picture below). However, feel free to read up on the Dominator at dominatorhoop.com and do your research.