Dominator In Ground Basketball Hoops like to show off their sleek, all-aluminum bodies. Unlike steel, aluminum does not rust or need to be painted. No more unattractive flaky paint. If your Dominator Hoop gets scuffed, a simple buff brings the shine right back.

Don’t be confused by fancy terms utilized by steel hoop manufacturers like “hot-dip galvanization” or “electro-zinc plating”. Hot-dip galvanization means the steel is dipped in molten zinc, which reacts and binds with the steel for corrosion protection ( Electro-zinc plating means that a thin coat of zinc is applied using a current of electricity. The process accomplishes a brighter, more uniform coating, but the zinc is too thin for recommended outdoor use ( Some companies charge extra for zinc coating.

If only there was a material that looked great and didn’t rust. Turns out, there is. It’s called aluminum.

Aluminum is also pound per pound stronger than steel. You read that right – stronger than steel. You might be picturing a basketball hoop made of soda or beer cans. We promise, our aluminum is much thicker. But even the aluminum alloy of beer cans can support 250 pounds and withstand an internal pressure of 90 pounds per square inch; and beer cans are only about 0.003 inches thick in the body and 0.012 inches thick at the base (

Ford would not have bet its “Built Tough” reputation on aluminum if it wasn’t durable. The F-150, America’s best-selling vehicle for 37 years, now has an all-aluminum body. The new truck is 700 pounds lighter, increasing fuel-efficiency, but is “tougher than ever” ( Dominator does not need to worry about miles per gallon, but a lighter hoop does mean less torque on the adjustment mechanism.

The Dominator Hoop is built like a truck, or rather, trucks are built like Dominator Hoops.