Easiest Install


A quick and easy install means that you have more time to play! When you buy the Dominator basketball hoop, it comes in 5 parts. The main, telescoping pole, the extension arm, rim, backboard and bolt plate kit. One of the best and most unique parts about the Dominator hoop is that it is super easy to install! In this video, we’ll take you step by step on how to install your own Dominator.

Once you have your bolt plate kit cemented into the ground, assembling the rest of the hoop is quick and painless! The base of the main pole gets set onto the ground and connects to the anchor bolts on the front end. Once those are connected, the hinge allows you to lift the rest of the hoop up when you are finished. The next step is to connect the arm and the backboard. After that, you simply lift the hoop up into place, set the rest of the bolts and attach the rim. Just like that, and you're ready to play!