We Get it

You don’t want an adjustable basketball hoop that has a hundred parts and a complicated installation process. There are better things to do on a Saturday morning than decipher a ridiculous installation guide and try to lift 800 pounds of steel. So don’t do it – our hoop comes in four pieces and is a breeze to install. You’ll be playing pick-up with your kids before breakfast.


Back before Facebook (2004), hashtags (2007), and iPhones (2007) – in 2003 – Kevin McAllister was helping his friend install a high-end outdoor basketball hoop. At the time Kevin was an engineer who specialized in lifting extremely heavy things while minimizing the torque on whatever was doing the lifting. He was flabbergasted by how many parts were required for assembly. It was complicated and time-consuming. He thought to himself, “There has to be a better way to do this”.


Turn the clock forward to present day, 2016. 34,000 iPhones are sold every hour, Facebook is worth $328 billion, and teenage girls across the country use the word “hashtag” in every day conversation. The world is changing and progressing – but every outdoor basketball hoop company besides Dominator STILL sell hoops that are a veritable nightmare to install (by the way, they also still use rust-prone steel and the same wobbly-pivot-point-filled design, but those are issues for another post).

Welcome to the future, where innovation and science make our lives easier. We’re not stuck in the past – we are committed to bringing you the absolute best outdoor basketball hoop on the planet. Yes, we even care about the ease of installation. Our hoop comes in just 4 pieces, with all hardware (screws, nuts, bolts) located right where you’ll eventually use it, pre-assembled in the order you’re going to use it in. No more asking yourself, “hmm… is this the 16mm x 5” hex bolt? Where did I put that 10mm carriage bolt, and my 8mm flange nut?”