7 Cranks is All That’s Needed with a Dominator Hoop

The adjustment system is the engineering genius of the Dominator basketball hoop. The telescoping arm sits inside of the base pole on four rollers that eliminate any side-to-side or forward-to-back movement, while allowing it to slide smoothly up and down. The pressure of the gas springs perfectly counter-balance the weight of the backboard and extension arm, making the adjustments up and down feel weightless. When the crank is turned it rotates the industrial-grade chain that is housed inside of the base pole and initiates the springs to help push the hoop up. The result is an adjustment system that is fast and easy enough for kids to do it.

Perfect Court Lines at All Heights

Using the telescoping arm allows the dominator basketball hoop to adjust straight up and down. The parallel linkage system found in competitor basketball hoops don’t adjust straight up and straight down. At ten feet, the court dimensions will work perfectly – the three point line will be 19′ 9″ away, etc. But, at seven feet the distance between the hoop and the free throw line or three point line is lessened. With the Dominator adjustable basketball hoop, your lines will be perfect no matter the height.