Put to the Test by a Professional Dunk Team

We get it – buying a high-quality, outdoor basketball hoop is an investment. When you’re spending this much of your hard earned cash on a basketball hoop there is no room for weakness or wobble. It’s our job to make sure the hoop won’t fall on you when you dunk on it, come tumbling down in a wind storm, bind and break from rust caused by rain and snow, or have dead-spots in the backboard when you’re shooting bank shots. It’s our job to make sure that your hoop is strong and sturdy.

Telescoping Arm

The Dominator is the only outdoor basketball hoop that uses a telescoping arm instead of a parallel linkage system. Since there are no pivot points, force that contacts the backboard or rim travels through the entire system. This limits the amount of movement and distributes it exactly like movement is distributed on arena basketball hoops. The Dominator in-ground basketball hoop will withstand the most competitive play without dead spots or wobble.

The Breakaway Rim

If the rim is directly attached to the backboard then a hard dunk could potentially cause the backboard to shatter. To avoid this, the telescoping arm of the Dominator basketball hoop has four tubes that extend through the glass in the backboard. The rim attaches to the telescoping arm through these tubes. The breakaway rim itself is designed to simulate the feel of playing on an arena basketball hoop, while offering the added toughness and durability an outdoor basketball hoop demands.

Ultra Sturdy Backboard

Generally when choosing a backboard you have two choices: the material (glass or acrylic) and the thickness (1/3-inch or 1/2-inch). The high-end basketball hoops will all be 1/2-inch glass backboards. The Dominator takes it one step further. Our ultra-sturdy backboard is composed of two sheets of 1/4-inch tempered glass, laminated together with an industrial adhesive. The synergy created by using two independent sheets of glass nearly doubles the strength of the backboard.