What should I get my teenagers for Christmas?

This question looms on many parents’ minds as soon as they take their last bite of Thanksgiving turkey. Christmas is less than a month away and you have not done your shopping.

Most teenagers want anything that starts with a lowercase i. If you get it for them you will be the best parent in the world for about a day. Then they will plug-in and you will disappear. That little i is a selfish letter.

Give the gift that starts with a big D, the Dominator Hoop. The Dominator is a perfect Christmas present for your teens. Here is why:

  • Family time. The Dominator encourages your kids to play together and to learn healthy competition and teamwork. Basketball hoops are inclusive, little i’s are exclusive. If you want to actually see your teenagers and interact, get them a hoop.
  • Christmas morning. Picture a hoop with a giant bow on it. Imagine the look of delight on your child’s face. The Dominator is a statement gift. Good luck finding something that looks more impressive and exciting.
  • Nothing will attract great friends faster than a basketball hoop. An outdoor hoop is a gathering place for the whole neighborhood. Parents get an awesome feeling looking out the window to see their teenagers engaged in a meaningful, productive activity. A basketball hoop will keep them out of trouble.

Someday your kids will thank you. It will probably be Christmas day. And one more thing: Ifyour teen really wants an iThing and you don’t get it for them, they will probably use their own money and buy one, or decide that basketball is way more fun anyway. You’re welcome.

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