Play Like The Pros

The Dominator is a professional-grade, adjustable, in-ground basketball hoop perfect for your driveway, backyard, playground, outdoor court and more.


“The best looking outdoor hoop on the market”

Tony Bennett, Head Coach, University of Virginia Men’s Basketball


Watch the Dominator in Action


You’ll see why Dominator is known for its amazing quality and feel. You’ll think you are in the arena shooting baskets when you are really in the driveway of your home or your outdoor court. There isn’t an in-ground driveway system quite like Dominator. The Dominator is in-ground, easily adjustable, won’t ever rust, is tough as nails, and is easy to install. We believe Dominator can bring families together while providing the feel you love.

Easy to Raise Basketball Standard

Fast & Easy

It’s the quickest and easiest to adjust, in-ground basketball hoop that money can buy. Period. Industrial grade springs help raise it in just seven cranks. Gone are the days of struggling to adjust your in-ground basketball system just right. Our in-ground system makes adjusting the height easy. Dominator is an engineered system, making height adjustments accurate for arena-like precision, no matter if your game is in the driveway or your outdoor home court.


Best Basketball Hoop on the Planet


Dominator has features that blow past the competition. This in-ground, adjustable home basketball hoop is above the rest and will push your outdoor home court to arena quality. Whether you have a home court or a driveway, Dominator’s adjustable system will be the perfect addition for your outdoor or driveway in-ground needs.

  • 7 Cranks: Raise & lower the standard 7 to 10 feet in 7 easy cranks.
    Easy to Install: 5 Pieces… that’s it!
  • Never Rusts: Made of high-grade aluminum.

  • Strong & Sturdy: Made to survive the test of time.
  • Professional-Grade: A true-arena feel like the pros.
  • Curb Appeal: The best looking driveway or outdoor system available.


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Are you ready to dominate? Shop our exclusive line of in-ground, adjustable basketball systems that will give your driveway or outdoor home court the feel you want. Bring the feel of an arena to the outdoors and start dominating today!

Dominator 60XL Hoop

Dominator 60 XL Basketball Hoop


72 XL Hoop

Dominator 72 XL Basketball Hoop