Easy Installation

Easy Installation We Get It You don’t want an adjustable basketball hoop that has a hundred parts and a complicated installation process. There are better things to do on a Saturday morning than decipher a ridiculous installation guide and try to lift 800 pounds of... read more

Anodized Aluminum vs. Powder-Coated Steel

Dominator Hoop started making its basketball goals out of heavy-duty aluminum instead of steel for multiple reasons. Aluminum does not rust and is pound per pound stronger than steel. Now Dominator Hoop has gone one step farther in ensuring the highest quality product... read more

About the Inventor of the Dominator Hoop

Kevin McAllister, the inventor and designer of the Dominator Hoop, has an impressive resume. McAllister is very modest about his accomplishments, but we like to brag about him a little. Mechanical arms on garbage trucks were one of McAllister’s earlier ideas. He... read more

How Many Calories Does a Game of Basketball Burn?

The phrase “good for your health” is tossed around so often that it has almost lost its meaning. That said, basketball is extremely good for your health. Here are a few facts to show you how: One hour of competitive basketball burns 472-745 calories (low end – 130 lb... read more

The Perfect Christmas for Teenagers

What should I get my teenagers for Christmas? This question looms on many parents’ minds as soon as they take their last bite of Thanksgiving turkey. Christmas is less than a month away and you have not done your shopping. Most teenagers want anything that starts with... read more


For me, sports in the home is not necessarily a new idea.  As a boy we played war games around the corrals, sheds, and hay stacks of our farm in Oregon. We fought the German and Japanese war machines with great courage and athleticism, running, diving and rolling from... read more