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George Durrant is a life hero of mine. 

In the fall of 1991, my sophomore year at Brigham Young University, I was lucky to get into one of his religion classes.  You had to act quickly to get into a George Durrant class, as they filled up fast! The first day of fall semester in this particular class, there had to be about 500 students in the auditorium filled to the brim.

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Give Your Kids a Reason to Play

Growing up, my house was the one that everyone ended up at. After school, football games, weekends, there were always kids running around. My parents loved it, and tried to make our house a place where everyone would always want to be. 

Our backyard was the best. There is something about being outside with your friends on a summer night that you really just can’t beat. When my family moved into our new house, we decided to put a basketball court outside. When we bought a hoop, my dad wanted to make sure it would be one that would be sturdy enough for all the kids to play, and look good outside. So, we went with...

5 Threats Kids Face But We Didn't

I can still remember those warm summer nights racing my bike with my friends down an alleyway to the large grassy field to play football before we all had to disperse for dinner. We didn’t care about what time it was, phones, who liked our post and who wrote a comment because back then it was all face to face. If you needed to work something out you did it right there on the field. Back then our parents didn’t worry too much about how far across town you went as long as you were home for supper. 

However, there are concerns now that we never would have imagined back in our youth. Nowadays parents worry about letting their kids walk to and from school. We aren’t all aware of these things so here are 5 threats to keep your eye out for.