Dominator is part of the Leap Innovations family of companies including Weigh Safe and Landecor. The story of the Dominator hoop begins with Kevin McAllister. Kevin is an engineer specializing in lifting massive weights, and doing it in a way that minimizes the torque on whatever is lifting.


Kevin was helping a friend install a new high-end basketball hoop. As an engineer he was flabbergasted by how inefficient the hoop was, and how many parts were involved. He thought, “There has to be a better way to do this.” So he opened up his engineering software and began to redesign the outdoor basketball hoop. Shortly thereafter, Kevin met the Domans, Brandon, Bryce and their dad Verl. The Domans have always been believers in the great need of sports in the home. Bryce and Brandon have always been huge sports fans, and both played Division I football at Brigham Young University. Brandon went on to play professional football for the San Francisco 49ers. In 2003 the Dominator basketball hoop was born, with Kevin as the chief engineer and the Domans as the primary investors and marketers.

After three years of selling the hoop locally and via the internet, the rights to the Dominator patent were sold to a high-end outdoor sports equipment company. In 2012 Kevin and the Domans began work on a new Dominator model that addressed any of the newly encountered weaknesses in the basketball industry.

Kevin saw several issues in the current market. Steel hoops had been the industry standard for decades, including the early version of the Dominator. No matter how the steel was powder-coated and painted, eventually the paint seemed to chip or fade, and the steel would begin to rust. The parallel linkage height adjustment system has several issues. It is weak and wobbly. Meaning, the joints easily break and freeze and they also allow too much movement on the backboard when shooting a bank shot. When the height is adjusted down the parallel bars extend behind the hoop, creating a space issue. This also changes where the rim is in relation to the court. Meaning, at 10 feet the court lines are accurate, but at 7 feet the three point and free throw lines are too close. So the Dominator was reborn with the purpose of being the best and most innovative basketball hoop on the market.

Instead of steel, aluminum was used. This avoids any rust and also gives a cool sporty look since the metal doesn’t need to be painted. To fix all of the issues of the parallel linkage system, a telescoping arm was invented that adjusts straight up and down – six times faster than the competition. Because of eliminating the pivot points associated with a parallel linkage system, the hoop became incredibly sturdy. All movement traveled through the whole hoop instead of wiggling at the pivot points. This means a lot more weight is resisting movement, which results in less movement. During development one of the primary concerns was how the backboard responded to shooting a bank shot. The Dominator was intended to be an arena basketball hoop that you could use outside.

In 2013 the new model was introduced locally at first so that any repair issues could be intensely analyzed and quickly repaired. At this point, the product has been scrutinized, evaluated, re-evaluated, and perfected. We now sell hoops across the United States and have begun selling internationally. Join the Dominator team today and secure yourself a little piece of the future!